Yes, this is a 3D printed boat!

Welcome to STEM!

Our mission at Shapleigh Middle School is to help students grow in mind, body and spirit in a caring and safe environment. This is accomplished through dedication and hard work in a positive, fun atmosphere. My philosophy of teaching is that every student can learn through multimodal instruction and hands on exercises.

The concept of a "spiraling" curriculum is philosophically appealing, but, too often, not enough time is spent initially with a new concept to build on it at the next stage of the spiral. This leads to teachers spending a great deal of time re-teaching the same ideas over and over again. STEM gives them a place to not only revisit those ideas but apply them in a real way.


Science - Technology - Engineering - Math

I believe that students should have a safe place to discover new concepts and have fun doing it. There is a vast amount of computer applications and technological advances every day. Our children are in a unique place it the world, many of the jobs they will have do not even exist today. We need to foster creativity as well as curiosity about technology.

Brief Biography:

I attended the University of Southern Maine where I received a B.S. in Economics. I then moved to Florida where I taught at Monroe Middle School in Tampa. While in Florida, I attended Saint Leo University to obtain my Masters of Arts in Teaching. I finished my internship in Maine at Falmouth Middle School. I am excited to be in the Kittery school system, and I am amazed with the great attitudes and abilities of all the students.